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What is a Holistic Lifestyle?

A holistic lifestyle is so much more than a celebrity trend. It caters to a way of living that considers making small changes that make a big difference. The lifestyle is about making choices that cater to our mind, body, emotions, and soul.

A misconception about a holistic lifestyle is that it is all about herbal remedies. That is true to an extent. But, the scope of holistic living goes beyond that. Its canvas is broad enough to integrate many backgrounds to reveal a whole picture.

What is Holistic all about?

The word holistic comes from ‘holism’; a noun that denotes a philosophy. The basis of holism narrates the theory that says;

“There are different parts of a whole. Each part is connected to the other in such a way that they cannot survive without the other.”

Living a Holistic lifestyle

We humans, are complex multi-dimensional creatures. Many factors dictate our health status. Dietary habits, exercise preferences, personal beliefs, likes, dislikes, attitudes, takes on life, relationships. These are some of the factors that affect our general well-being. A holistic lifestyle addresses all these aspects and more in an intricate manner.

Now let us be honest here. Why do we adopt a specific way of living? To live a life that encourages comfort, happiness, and vibrancy.

Look at the monks or some fitness enthusiast or someone with a vegan approach. What does it show? It expresses

  • Individuality
  • Independence
  • Decision power
  • Diverse lifestyle choices

One thing remains clear. The millennials do not adopt a cookie-cutter approach to living a ‘normal’ life.

A holistic lifestyle aims at the same results as other living methods; to stay healthy. Yet there is a difference. It urges you to embrace yourself as a whole. Because holistic therapies are all about achieving an inner balance. So forget extreme diets and ditch obsessive exercise if that is what you want to do. Adopt what makes you ‘feel’ better instead of only ‘looking’ your best.

The role of Holistic Medicine

There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy to achieve a blissful state. So, where a method may work for you, the same may not work for me. The reason is we all have our own life experiences. Holistic medicine encourages you to embrace yourself. It enables you to figure out what works for you, depending on your life extractions.

Holism umbrellas many terms to map out a holistic lifestyle. It is here that holistic therapies take their shape. Holistic medicine caters to health of an individual as a whole rather than in parts.

Holistic therapies consider an individual’s

  • physical,
  • mental,
  • social,
  • emotional, and
  • spiritual well-being

The World Health Organization defines health as;

“A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Contemporary medicine has an orthodox approach. It deals with only the physical signs and symptoms of a disease and not the basic cause. As a result, it addresses the part and not the whole.  So it fails to conform to the WHO’s definition of health.

Holistic therapies are a step ahead of the WHO standard when it comes to disease treatment. Why? Because they cater to spiritual and emotional health aspects as well. So the clinic of a holistic doctor may be your one-stop health solution.


Healthy living embraces lifestyle elements that are more than maintaining physical health. People invest in their emotional, social, and mental health. And holistic lifestyle is one that makes us feel, think, and look our healthiest. If you need help in starting your journey to a holistic lifestyle, contact Splendor of Youth today to get started!

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