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What are the Five Areas of Holistic Health Care?

Holistic health care or holistic medicine may seem a novice term, but it is not. It has its roots embedded in age-old healing methods. Chinese traditional medicine and Ayurvedic therapies are two of its renowned elements. The holistic care experts are independent in their therapeutic approach to treat diseases. Yet the principle of treatment remains the same; to treat an individual as a whole.

The re-birth of holistic medicine

Since ancient times, there were two approaches to treating an illness. Preventive and interventive.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, believed in the healing power of nature. He argued that the self-healing properties of our bodies are enough to combat disease. Many followed his teaching lines. Still, others believed intervention was better for disease control. They dismissed the idea of preventive medicine.

Preventive measures gained popularity in the 19th century. With the discovery of disease-causing agents, intervention therapies became the primary focus. Yet with time, these methods became less in demand. The side effects of medicines urged health experts to come up with safer options. 

And guess where did they find them? Yes, in the centuries-old complementary and alternative therapy models.

Diseases have risen to the stage of epidemics in the current millennium. The statement holds for either acute (viral as COVID-19) and chronic (Diabetes) conditions. In either case, it is the preventive approach that saves us at the end of the day.

Holistic care attempts to achieve a state of well-being via the same channel. That is using the preventive modules to heal the body, soul, and mind.

The five areas of Holistic medicine

Holistic health care caters to the following five dimensions of our healthiness.

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual/cognitive

The millennials of today are more aware of self-care than anything else. The fast-paced lifestyles and stresses are consistent driving forces to achieve well-being. Here is how a holistic health care system addresses these demands.

Physical health

We associate fitness with the physical aspects of our bodies. The reason is that the signs and symptoms of a disease are measurable units. They are usually the first indicators of a disease process. Holistic health care system caters to our physical well-being via

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep

A healthy diet, regular moderate activity, and ample sleep. These are some of the essential requisites of physical health.

Emotional well-being

The most overlooked aspect of our fitness relates to our emotions. There is evidence that many physical ailments occur due to prolonged emotional disturbances. Besides the physical, emotional ill-health may culminate in behavioral problems. Seeking therapy and support goes a long way to balancing our emotions.

Social health

We humans, are social animals, right. And social interactions contribute back to our emotional states. Be it your family, friends, people at the job; one needs to connect. The holistic model encourages social networking by volunteering at the community level. Yet it understands the importance of stepping back out of toxic contacts. Why? Because stress is one thing not allowed in the holistic model.

Spiritual vigor

For those with religious tendencies, attaining spiritual vigor may not pose a problem. Religious activities help bolster their well-being. But you do not need to attend a religious gathering if you are not into religion. Simple meditation close to nature would do fine for your uplifting your spirits.

Cognitive health

This part of the holistic care module overlaps the emotional area. Our emotions have a substantial effect on our thinking and learning abilities. Our focus, memory, retentivity, and decision-making capabilities thrive when we are in the best moods. Learning new things and consuming a good diet are power banks for our mental health. These activities keep our emotions collected. At the same time, they contribute to physical, social, and spiritual vigor.


Holistic health care is in practice since ages. It has started gaining its fair share of fame today because of the interactive approach that caters to all five of our health components. Addressing all five creates a state of inner balance while ignoring even one can be detrimental to our fitness and well-being.

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