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6 Reasons Why Your Period Stopped When You Are Not Pregnant

What doe does it mean when your period stops early? This is the absence of menstruation and known as Amenorrhea. This is the stopped menstrual period that is because of many reasons.  The women are not familiar with the cause of this condition. No doubt it is a serious problem. But after changing somethings naturally, this condition will be overcome. 

Lifestyle changes, hormonal imbalance, and many other prominent factors are responsible for this condition.  When you are pregnant, you will get the clue. At the same time, when you are not getting periods from 3-6 months, then this is the Amenorrhea. It has two types secondary and primary.

What is the difference between secondary and Primary Amenorrhea?


1. Primary Amenorrhea

In this condition, a woman has not done with menstruation at the age of 16 years. A woman is failed and late for 6-12 months from the exact age of the menstrual cycle. The absence of normal growth and secondary sexual hormone disabilities leads to this body condition.

2. Secondary Amenorrhea

This is defined as the absence of a menstrual period for three consecutive periods for more than six months. This is due to the most natural body changes.

Reasons for Amenorrhea

In this condition, a woman thinks why did my period stop? So, the cause of Amenorrhea is here that gives you clear words about what can stop your periods. These are the main six reason that leads to the stopped menstrual cycle before the time, and when you are not pregnant. 

  1. Natural causes mostly unknown and challenging to find out. A woman is unable to get the exact thing that leads to the absence of menstruation.
  2. Lifestyle changes like stress, depression, heavy exercise, use of alcohol, and smoking.
  3. Hormonal imbalance is another cause when the period stops the pituitary gland, low estrogen level, and high testosterone level play rule suddenly as well.
  4. Chemotherapy drugs and the use of severe medication also causes of Amenorrhea.
  5. When a woman is suddenly stopped the birth controlling pill, then she will be unable to start the menstrual cycle for many years.
  6. Physical defects mostly when the female is suffering in reproductive system abnormalities. This condition also affects the menstrual cycle.

Treatment of Amenorrhea

Treatment of this serious condition is totally based on the reason which gives the Amenorrhea condition. When you have the exact cause of this problem, you will actively find out the treatment.

The most important is to change the lifestyle. When eating habits are good and get regular exercise, the body functions will be proper.

Amenorrhea demands the ideal body weight and proper fat ratio. This is the most important thing.  When you are unable to get the proper periods, then start working on weight management and make sure you have the proper fat content.

Final Words

Amenorrhea is a serious condition. When your period suddenly stopped, then you must go to your doctor and try to fund out the reason that leads to this condition. Do not be too late; otherwise, the body could risk severe complications.

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