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At Splendor of Youth, we want to make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below to see if the answer you’re looking for is here. Don’t see your question? Give us a call at 972-441-4047 or send us an email at



  • How much is a consultation?

    The initial consultation fee is $269 for a 60 minute visit. Follow ups are $189. Any lab test or herbal supplements would be seperate.

  • Do you accept insurance or Medicaid?

    Our office focuses on providing an affordable “alternative” option to you and your family’s health and wellness. The option does not generally fit into the insurance disease management model of healthcare. Our visits, lab fees and treatment protocols are usually well below the typical doctor office fees. We do also offer payment plan options through Care Credit.

  • Do you see children or toddlers?

    Unfortunately we do not see children or toddlers currently. We only treat teenagers and above.

  • What is Holistic Medicine?

    Holistic Medicine is approach to medicine that aims to improve the overall sense of bodily and emotional well-being of a person, rather than just treat the symptoms of an illness. 

  • What does Holistic treatment mean?

    Holism umbrellas many terms to map out a holistic lifestyle. It is here that holistic therapies take their shape. Holistic medicine caters to health of an individual as a whole rather than in parts.

    Holistic therapies consider an individual’s

    • physical,
    • mental,
    • social,
    • emotional, and
    • spiritual well-being
  • What is Functional Medicine?

    Functional Medicine addresses the hidden reasons for illness, utilizing frameworks arranged methodology and drawing in both patient and professional in a helpful relationship. 

  • Functional Medicine vs Naturopathic Medicine?

    We can differentiate these two individually unique medications by saying that some Dallas Naturopathic physicians practice Functional Medicine, but not all of Functional Doctors can do naturopathy. Naturopathy centers solely around characteristic solutions for disease. Functional medication takes into consideration the entire body and how nature influences it. While naturopathy centers around normal cures, practical medication takes a look at the individual patient’s remarkable conditions, from the patient’s body to the patient’s condition. It is also helpful to state that functional medicine has its root planted deep down naturopathy. 

    Another distinct fact about Functional medicine is that it refers to treatment and healing through lifestyle change, incorporated with further laboratory tests (which is not that done by naturopaths in the state of Texas). 

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