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How Lavender Is an Essential Oil for Your Health – Uses & Benefits

How Lavender Is an Essential Oil for Your Health

Whenever you want to calm and relax your body, then take a look at essential oils. Lavender oil is an essential oil that has many uses and purposes. It has been found to benefit your health and make you calm and refreshing. Lavender itself is a beautiful purple plant and is a sight to see. The origins of lavender can be dated back to ancient Egypt, and later in time was used in ancient Greece and Rome for healing the body and mind.

It is a versatile essential oil and has a lot of healing powers. It is most known for its uses regarding skin and beauty but It can also heal you from your head to your toes. It has the potential to help you distress, decompress and develop the healthiest routine you can. 

Health Benefits of Lavender Oil

Essential oils have a considerable reputation as a holistic health option. Essential oils are plant extracts in liquid form that is effective for your overall health. However, each of the essential oil has its benefits.  Lavender is known for its aromatherapy benefits that are known to help promote calmness and wellness. But lavender has been found to be able to do so much more than that.

Here is how Lavender essential oil can help you:

1. Lavender Oil for Earaches

There are a lot of essential oils for earaches, and one of those is Lavender oil for earaches. Lavender oil has antiseptic properties that make it useful for sorting out pain issues. Lavender oil is recommendable for the treatment of earaches.

To cure earache through lavender oil, dab a single drop of Lavender oil and massage that behind the ear and rub gently. Instead of this, you can also place a single drop of lavender oil on a cotton ball and place that within your outer ear. But make sure to do this carefully. 

2. Lavender Oil for Headache

The best oil for headaches is lavender as it has been found to be an essential oil for headaches. Breathing lavender is quite helpful to cure headaches. For treating your headache, add a few drops of lavender oil into a bowl of warm water and inhale it. Moreover, you can also gently rub the lavender massaging lotion on your forehead, temples, and the base of the neck for accelerated benefits. 

3. Lavender Oil for Colds

Not only does lavender provide healing properties that have made it known to be one of the best essential oils for earache and headache, but it is also effective for colds. It is helpful to break cough and clear out sinuses. Several aromatherapists suggest using natural oils like lavender to avoid cough, colds, and such other infections.

To treat colds, add some drops of oil into a diffuser or vaporizer for helping your colds, and you should also infuse your home with the scent of lavender.

4. Lavender Oil for Stress

Stress is a common problem; 7 out of 10 people facing. There are a lot of things commonly people use to treat their stress. However, essential oils are also an effective aid one can take to get rid of stress.

To avoid stress, at night, you can add six to eight drops of lavender oil into your warm bathtub. This will surely melt your stress and relieve your fatigue problem too. Plus, you can also go for this method to blend a foot bath by adding two to three drops of lavender oil into a warm water bowl, sink your feet in it, and make yourself relax.

To help your sleep, add just two or three drops of lavender natural oil to the corner side of your pillow. This will make your mind relax, and you can sleep peacefully. 

In Conclusion

The lavender essential oil has a lot of health benefits as it is a natural thing. Lavender is recommended by many holistic practitioners like myself  to help combat many different types of conditions. It can be a great holistic therapy to help improve anxiety like symptoms and more. You can use it in several ways to improve your health. However, keep in mind that whenever you make its direct contact with skin, so use a carrier oil, or it can show side effects.

It is a great choice to treat your typical health issues without any medications. Use lavender oil and get rid of these regular issues like cold, stress, headache, etc. 

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