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How Much is a Holistic Doctor In Dallas?

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How much is a holistic doctor?

The average holistic doctor in Dallas (who are board-certified in integrative & holistic medicine) will charge between $200 to $300 for an initial visit. This will include typically, a 60-minute comprehensive evaluation of past medical history, interview, physical evaluation, followed by a treatment plan that is right for you. This does not typically include any extra treatments such as x-rays, lab testing, and supplements. Some doctors will offer a free consultation, although the treatment will never be free. 

What is a holistic medical evaluation?

holistic medical evaluation goes beyond focusing solely on physical health such as only the disease or illness. It also addresses the patients emotional, mental and spiritual health. The whole condition of the patient is taken into consideration to create a wellness plan that is meant to last the patient, across their lifespan. This is what differentiates holistic medicine from conventional practices, and why Dr. Quiroz has invested much time and money into being able to treat his patients with this holistic approach.

Build a relationship with your medical provider

This is a good reason to always have a good relationship with your regular doctor, so if you’re ever in an emergency, you can call their after-hours line and be able to reach your doctor to ask him or her questions or get a prescription called into the pharmacy. Some emergencies are so big that you may need a hospital. If you’re having sever symptoms, please head straight to the hospital.

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