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Quality Integrative & Functional Medicine

At Splendor of Youth, Dr. Francisco, Dallas physician and certified holistic & functional medicine practitioner, provides a conventional and alternative approach to combat pain, restore wellness, and promote a well-balanced lifestyle. By using herbal medicine and ongoing health coaching he is able to provide you with a unique approach of comprehensive care.

He is certified in Holistic Medicine and it shows through his expertise and qualifications as your doctor of choice.  We proudly service clients from Richardson, Plano, Garland, Frisco, Mesquite, and the entire Dallas County area.

Holistic & functional dallas doctor
Why Our Customers Trust Us

Providing Holistic Wellness Since 2012

Friendly, Patient Focused Staff

Our clinic is a guaranteed welcoming environment. If you've avoided a doctor visit because of anxiety, we'll never judge you or your conditions. In fact, we will congratulate you for taking the first step in restoring your wellness and addressing your health issues.

Local Compounding Pharmacy's

We have built great relationships with a team of nearby local compounding pharmacy's to help you receive your quality medications promptly. We only work with the best of the best to ensure quality ingredients.

No Waiting Times

We will work around your schedule to pick a time that works best for you. We understand that your health is very important and so is your time which is why, at Splendor of Youth we offer no waiting time appointments through scheduling.

Affordable Pricing

We don't believe in any hidden fees. Our complete consultations have a flat rate of $240 including a thorough medical review of your past & current health conditions followed by a physical examination & ends with proper treatment solutions varying case-to-case.

Natural Holistic Approach To Medicine - Top-Rated Dallas Functional Medical Practice

Functional medicine is true holistic care.  Functional practitioners, such as Dr. Francisco work in a one-on-one relationship with their clients to consider all their aspects of life such as medical history, genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, emotional health, and environmental influences to help us aid you in the healing process diagnostic testing.

We combine both Conventional and Alternative Medicine in order to use a wide range of alternative therapies rather than simply using Conventional Medications that only hide the symptoms. Alternative therapies may include special diets, megadose vitamins, herbal preparations, nutritional counseling, and more.

At Splendor of Youth, we specialize in both alternative and conventional medicine to treat you according to your conditions.

We Provide You With Quality Functional & Integrative Medicine - Cash Only Clinic

We help both men and women obtain optimal health through holistic methods that help guide them through their journey to regaining their health.

Dr. Francisco focuses on preventative medicine by promoting health and well-being in order to prevent disease and disability. We work closely with our patients to educate and inspire them to continue living healthy lifestyles. Visit our holistic family practice today!


Here's what our patients have to say

Norberto Pagan
Norberto Pagan
Thanks to Dr.Quiroz I was able to heal a knee and ankle injury from soccer naturally, and he helped me prevent surgery. He saved me a lot of money during both MRI’s and my recovery time was less than it should’ve been thanks to him. I don’t ever see myself going to another doctor for myself and family. I recommend him to everyone I know!
Leimys Portal
Leimys Portal
Dr. Quiroz is the best doctor I’ve ever been to! He’s a great listener and actually cares about the root cause of my health problems. He’s very detailed during every visit, and he’s constantly checking up on me to see if I’m improving. Dr.Quiroz and Anna always respond quick to any questions I have. He’s super knowledgeable and I’m so grateful I found him.
Patrick Gardiner
Patrick Gardiner
5 star experience. Dr. Quiroz is super patient and took the time to walk through everything with me and put me on a plan to feeling better. Definitely recommend!
melva salinas
melva salinas
A doctor that listen to the patient and takes the time to explain and approaches the issues on a very proffesional way. Doctor Quiroz is the best doctor and even a better human that really cares for the well being of his patients. Highly recommended!
gladys lliguicota
gladys lliguicota
I was seeking a more holistic approach to address my thyroid issues, as conventional doctors often missed the underlying causes. Dr. Quiroz took the time to thoroughly review my medical history and patiently answered all my questions during an extensive one-hour consultation. I'm truly grateful for the exceptional care and kindness I've received from Dr. Quiroz. His expertise, professionalism, and compassionate nature have made a profound impact on my health and well-being. One standout moment was when Dr. Quiroz explained my treatment options in a way that I could easily understand. His ability to simplify complex medical information was both remarkable and greatly appreciated. Thanks to Dr. Quiroz's unwavering dedication, my health has significantly improved. I also want to commend his support staff for their friendly and helpful approach, consistently making my visits a positive experience. I highly recommend Dr. Quiroz to anyone seeking excellent medical care. His compassionate guidance and knowledge truly stand out.
Luna Mata
Luna Mata
I had a wonderful experience at Splendor of Youth Medical with Dr. Quiroz, I was looking for a holistic approach to my acne & hormonal issues because regular doctors would not get to the root cause. Dr. Quiroz spent about an hour going over my medical history & answering any questions I had. Prices are more than reasonable. Highly recommend if you are looking for a holistic doctor in Dallas!!
Lizandro Montes
Lizandro Montes
Jose Prado
Jose Prado
Es un doctor muy amable y te escucha con atención y paciencia te da el tiempo nesario para hablar de tus problemas de salud. Te da consejos de como mejorar tu salud. Desempeña realmente su función de doctor que es enseñar a sus pacientes a alcanzar la salud. Difinitiva Mente lo recomiendo para aquellas personas que están buscando una atención más personalizada.
Elena Arias
Elena Arias
Dr. Quiroz is amazing. He takes the time to educate and explain all details.
Armando Villanueva
Armando Villanueva
exelente servicio se los recomiendo
Latest Articles


  • What is Holistic Medicine?

    Holistic Medicine is approach to medicine that aims to improve the overall sense of bodily and emotional well-being of a person, rather than just treat the symptoms of an illness. 

  • What does Holistic treatment mean?

    Holism umbrellas many terms to map out a holistic lifestyle. It is here that holistic therapies take their shape. Holistic medicine caters to health of an individual as a whole rather than in parts.

    Holistic therapies consider an individual’s

    • physical,
    • mental,
    • social,
    • emotional, and
    • spiritual well-being
  • What are the 5 areas of holistic health care?

    Holistic care attempts to achieve a state of well-being via the same channel. That is using the preventive modules to heal the body, soul, and mind. Holistic Health Care caters to the following five dimensions of our healthiness:

    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Social
    • Spiritual
    • Intellectual/cognitive
  • What is Functional Medicine?

    Functional Medicine addresses the hidden reasons for illness, utilizing frameworks arranged methodology and drawing in both patient and professional in a helpful relationship. 

  • Functional Medicine vs Naturopathic Medicine?

    We can differentiate these two individually unique medications by saying that some Dallas Naturopathic physicians practice Functional Medicine, but not all of Functional Doctors can do naturopathy. Naturopathy centers solely around characteristic solutions for disease. Functional medication takes into consideration the entire body and how nature influences it. While naturopathy centers around normal cures, practical medication takes a look at the individual patient’s remarkable conditions, from the patient’s body to the patient’s condition. It is also helpful to state that functional medicine has its root planted deep down naturopathy. 

    Another distinct fact about Functional medicine is that it refers to treatment and healing through lifestyle change, incorporated with further laboratory tests (which is not that done by naturopaths in the state of Texas). 

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