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We provide primary health care in Richardson, Tx for the whole family with a focus on integrating holistic and traditional therapies to help prevent and treat illnesses

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Dr. Quiroz MD | Integrative & Functional Medicine

True Integrative Medical Care

Dr. Quiroz combines the best functional with conventional medicine to bring you optimal wellness

Chronic Illnesses

We treat a variety of chronic illnesses by evaluation the mind, body and soul of each of our patients to reach the root of the illness.

Weight Management pLans

We design custom weight loss plans tailored exactly for YOUR goals and needs.

BioIdentical hormone Replacement Therapy

We treat both menopause for women and andropause for men with our BHRT program in order to treat your hormonal imbalances

Our Clinic Is Located In Richardson, Tx on West Arapaho Rd

Whether your seek a physician that practices alternative and conventional medicine or guidance towards herbal supplementation for your well-being. We provide all of these services at Splendor of Youth Medical in Richardson. Dr. Francisco Quiroz have extensive years of experience practicing holistic and integrative medicine, focusing on treating our patients as a whole.

We Help Restore Your
Wellness With an
Holistic Approach

holistic medicine in dallas

Holistic Medicine is defined as an approach that puts the patient at the center and addresses the physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental facts that can have an impact on a person’s health. It seeks to restore and maintain health and wellness, by first understanding the circumstances of our patients in order to create a personalized-treatment-plan to treat the root of the illness.

Many times our patients may be facing multiple symptoms and could be connected through one root cause. Finding these connections is our specialty, then we can focus on restoring our body’s natural balance through a holistic approach.

By going beyond just treating symptoms and illnesses with medications, Integrative medicine addresses both the immediate health problems as well as the deeper causes. We help people just like you every single day. By recommending a unique program that revolves around your healing and lifetime wellness

We take all aspects of your medical history into consideration, including our unique genetic makeup, nutrition, exercise, stress, environmental toxicity, social relationships, and treat the body as a whole. We use the latest diagnostic tools and technologies from Integrative and Functional medicine, and combine it with Conventional medicine to help identify the critical imbalances that cause illness. We are based in Richardson, Tx just outside of Dallas.

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Patient Oriented Plans

Each one of our treatment plans is designed just for you. We don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach.

Board- Certified Physician

Dr. Quiroz is board certified Integrative , Holistic, and Anti-Aging Medicine

True Integrative Medical Care

Dr. Quiroz combines the best functional with conventional medicine to bring you optimal wellness

Drove 4 hours to this clinic on the recommendation of a close friend and it was well worth it. Dr. Fransisco Quiroz understands the needs of the patient and is able to formulate treatments while explaining the reason behind with honesty and patience. He truly cares about his patients. I am glad I came to this clinic! 10/10 would recommend 🙂
David Balandran
Dr. Quiroz was able to understand my needs and guide me through the process very smoothly. I had struggled many years from the symptoms of menopause and I finally found a doctor who was able to help me through his bio-identical hormone therapy treatment. I am finally able to focus on my family and work again! Highly recommend for anybody who is struggling with the side affects of menopause!
Ana Leal
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