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Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for Coronavirus

Coronavirus symptoms

Coronavirus is a new virus that has spread in China in late 2019. Coronavirus is also known as COVID-19, and it has spread around the world in no time. It looks like a crown, so it was first named as the Coronavirus. Researchers believed that the virus is spread from wild animals, but there is no scientific evidence.

It spreads from animals to humans, humans to humans, and no living thing to humans. Four thousand two hundred ninety-five people have died because of COVID-19, and 120,000 are diagnosed around the world till March 11, 2020. It has spread in 119 countries, killing 631 people in Italy, while the total death in Spain, France, America, and the UK is 35,33,28, and 6 respectively till the date.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has very mild symptoms, and it becomes very hard to find whether the symptoms are because of Coronavirus. These symptoms include headache, runny nose, fever, cough, and sore throat. If you bring about the necessary measures, it becomes severe and difficult to handle. 


Fever or high temperature of the body is another common symptom of the disease. The people with the virus usually have high body temperature. If you have a fever along with other symptoms, then you must visit a doctor.


It is another prominent symptom among the patients, and it is also a leading way for the spreading of the disease. You experience coughing because Coronavirus is linked with the respiratory system. You will have a sore throat with a constant cough. 

Shortness of Breathing

Coronavirus is related to the respiratory system and affects it a lot. The people infected with the virus had difficulty in breathing. During this situation, you may feel a link you are not getting enough oxygen for your lungs.


Headache is another symptom of the disease. You should be sure that whether you have a runny nose or cold before having a headache. Headache is very common, but there are other factors that cause headaches, such as stress and depression. However, always consider proper checkups when you have a headache with the other symptoms.

Prevention from Coronavirus

There is no vaccine to coronavirus, so prevention is the best thing that you can do at this moment. For this, you need to follow these points.

  1. Always cover your face with a mask. Put on gloves and bring about other safety measures.
  2. Don’t travel to the places and countries that are notorious for coronavirus.
  3. Always wash your hands with soap. 
  4. Clean the things around you and spray properly with alcohol and Lysol.
  5. If you have a friend who just came back from affected areas, try not to meet him right away.
  6. Researchers recommend having a space of 1 meter to avoid the virus.
  7. Make sure you cook your meats thoroughly.
  8. Try not to visit large events and public gatherings. Prefer staying at home.

Diagnosis of Coronavirus

It is difficult to diagnosed coronavirus because there are numerous factors that are linked as well. However, you can check it in a laboratory test. Visit the doctor if you experience the symptoms and share your travel details with the doctor. Also, tell him if you have any friends with the virus. Doctor with a conduct Swab test, sputum test, blood test, nasal aspirate, and tracheal aspirate to diagnose whether you are infected or not. 

Treatment of COVID-19

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for the disease. Researchers are working day and night to find the solution, but they got no success till now. You can hope that a vaccine will be available in the future for this virus.

Visit the doctor and tell him the honest story. If you are diagnosed with the virus, don’t panic and Isolate yourself from others. Try to minimize the symptoms of the disease as soon as possible. It is an autoimmune disease, so eat foods that are rich in vitamin C. Take rest and use cough syrup as well. You can recover from the disease if you overcome the symptoms of the disease. 

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