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8 Signs You Could Have Low Progesterone and How To Find Treatment

8 Signs You Could Have Low Progesterone and How To Find Treatment

Progesterone is the naturally occurring female hormone that is produced by ovaries of woman  The corpus luteum which is the temporary endocrine gland that secretes the Progesterone hormone in the body. Progesterone has a huge role in getting a woman pregnant and maintaining their pregnancy to full term. This hormone prepares the uterus to accept the fertilized egg and maintain it for the full term of pregnancy. However, when a woman has their menstrual cycle, the Progesterone level deprives in the first few days, but as they ovulate the level increases for 5 days and then goes down again.

This hormone also prevents muscle contractions in uterus which is the primary cause of reject fertilized eggs by women’s bodies. The hormone also creates the environment during pregnancy to nurture the developing fetus.

The Factors for Lower Progesterone in Body

Environmental Estrogens

  • Our body is exposed to different chemicals in the environment that replicate estrogens and it is referred to as xenoestrogens and it is also found in food that we consume. This causes the body to take in more estrogens into the system and causing an unbalanced estrogen dominance physiological response.  In such a condition you may experience breast pain, pelvic cramps, anxiety, dizziness and even panic attacks.   


Excessive Stress 

  • We tend to take too much of stress at work and also in home and this cause the Progesterone level to deprive significantly. When the stress hormone called cortisol increases, it blocks the receptors of Progesterone and this restricts the Progesterone activity in body. This also increases weight unnecessarily. so ensure to focus on stress management tactics such as meditation and yoga.


Lack of Workouts or Excessive Exercise

  •  It is observed that people who are working harder and competing for higher levels tend to have an imbalanced hormonal system. To ensure having a proper hormonal function and balanced Progesterone levels, you must exercise moderately. 

8 Major Symptoms of Low Progesterone

  1. InfertilityAs mentioned, Progesterone is the vital hormone that helps in achieving and maintaining pregnancy and hence if you face difficulty in conceiving pregnancy or encountered miscarriage, then it might be a symptom of low Progesterone. Infertility Specialists can help you to investigate the overall cause of infertility and recommend a specific treatment that might include Progesterone. 
  2. Irregular Menstrual Cycles – Irregular periods, long menstrual cycles or if the time from ovulation to menses is less than 10 days, then it might be the clear symptom of Low Progesterone
  3. Insomnia – Another symptom for low Progesterone is insomnia, trouble sleeping or restlessness at night. Low Progesterone brings in restless and anxiety which causes trouble sleeping at night.
  4. Anxiety and Mood Swings –With increasing age, the woman’s body experiences a shift in the estrogens that affect women’s mood. After 30 it is common that women experience a decline in Progesterone. Anxiety and panic attacks may be early symptoms of Low Progesterone
  5. Hair Loss – If you are experiencing hair loss, hair thinning and split end issues, then it is the clear sign of low progesterone level in the body.
  6. Depression and Panic Attacks – When there is a decline in Progesterone hormone the ability of your body to stabilize the mood reduces and you easily get depressed without reasons. The chances of panic attacks also increase with the decline of Progesterone hormone.
  7. Low Libido, Fatigue and Foggy Thinking – Most of the women in their early 40s start experiencing a decline in their sexual drives, energy and mental performance, regardless  of their childbearing status, these are a sign of low Progesterone in the body
  8. Migraines and Headaches – There is a very minimal effect of the hormone in pain and allergy syndromes. But Progesterone hormone is often considered as a cause of frustrating migraine pain and headaches in women. 

How Functional and Holistic Doctor Can Help Improve Low Progesterone?

Statistics reveal that 80% of women, regardless of their childbearing phase, encounter hormonal imbalance or low Progesterone. There are many factors causing low Progesterone in the female body. Since different women encounter low Progesterone in different ways, some of the women may even don’t realize that they are experiencing a decline in Progesterone. In order to restore the hormone level in the body, it is crucial that you take time to understand the prime cause of hormonal imbalance. This is where Functional Medicine comes to your rescue.     

Functional Doctor believes that the symptoms of Progesterone decline are interlinked and hence Holistic Medicine can be an effective medium to address each symptom separately.  

Holistic approaches work best when it comes to treating the root cause of health ailments. Whether it be stress management, exercise, sleep hygiene,  nutrition, a holistic approach will help you to manage your Adrenal dysfunction and the consequent Weight Gain.

With the functional approach, the practitioners usually take a closer look into the genetic makeup of the patients and evaluate how it interacts with the environment. With such an approach, doctors can easily gain vital insights about the ailments that patent is prone to. This enables them to guide the patients towards enhancing their quality of life and health. The primary goal of functional medicine is to achieve optimal wellness and health.

Holistic Medicine is basically the science and art of healing that addresses the entire body, spirit and mind. Whether it is too Low Cortisol Levels and Weight Gain or lowering the Adrenal dysfunction and Weight Gain, functional medication is quite helpful. The practice of FM or HM integrates the alternative and traditional therapies so as to treat and prevent the disease from reoccurring and to promote optimal health. The Holistic practices for treating hormonal imbalance comprises of all appropriate and safe modalities of diagnosis and treatment. This includes the lifestyle, spiritual, emotional, environmental, nutritional and physical elements. The medicines used focus on patient education and their participation in the healing process. The practitioners of HM embrace different effective, safe options in the diagnosis and treatment of low Progesterone.

Here at Splendor of Youth Medical, our Dr. Quiroz is a functional and holistic certified physician with extensive experience with treating low progesterone and adrenal dysfunction. If you need help getting treatment or have any questions, feel free to give us a call today and we will more than gladly answer any questions you may have!

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